5 Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service for Modern Businesses

December 12, 2022
5 Benefits of Infrastructure as a Service for Modern Businesses

Responding to changing business technology demands puts more pressure on overworked IT teams to keep up. To combat this challenge, more companies are turning to cloud-based solutions like infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to simplify IT management, save money, and free up resources.

With the global IaaS market expected to reach $195.81 billion by 2026,1 it’s clear this flexible solution will only continue to rise in popularity. In this blog, we’ll explore IaaS and the benefits of working with an expert IaaS provider to keep your technology working smoothly.

What Is IaaS?

Infrastructure as a service is a cloud computing service model that provides storage, networking, and other digital resources via the cloud. IaaS enables businesses to reduce or eliminate costly on-premise data centers by moving stored data and computing power to the cloud.

In an infrastructure as a service model, your third-party provider hosts the servers, storage, networking equipment, and virtualization layer needed to keep your business connected and secure at all times. Your provider also assumes responsibility for managing:

  • Device failures
  • Disaster recovery
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Daily maintenance

IaaS solutions are typically policy-driven, so you can continue to control factors like application availability, network performance, and more from a centralized location.

Benefits of IaaS

While there are several benefits to working with an IaaS provider, these services are especially helpful for companies that have adopted or are trying to adopt a hybrid work model. Here’s why:

1. IaaS Helps Businesses Save On Infrastructure Costs

Cost savings is a major benefit of an IaaS model for companies struggling to expand their infrastructure to support remote or hybrid work initiatives. By partnering with an IaaS provider, you no longer have to spend money purchasing, housing, or maintaining networking hardware. Additionally, the right IaaS provider will help you save money by eliminating services or capacity that will go unused, so you only pay for the necessities.

2. You Gain a Built-in Support System for Device Failures

When device failures lead to unplanned downtime, your business faces significant consequences. A 2021 survey found that a single hour of downtime costs most companies $300,000 or more in lost revenue.2 Every second counts when it comes to troubleshooting connectivity issues, which puts even more strain on your in-house IT staff. Working with an IaaS provider means always having expert, responsive support to solve issues and get your network up and running again.

3. IaaS Provides Storage Resiliency for Business Continuity

Comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity solutions are critical to securing data and keeping work-from-anywhere teams connected. Infrastructure as a service moves your data and network storage to the cloud, so your employees can still access the resources they need to stay productive even if on-site connectivity goes down. Plus, with cyber attacks on the rise,3 redundant storage is more important than ever for ensuring business continuity in the event of a data breach.

4. Your IaaS Provider Keeps Hardware up to Date

Outdated technology may be costing U.S. employers up to $1.8 trillion in wasted productivity, according to a recent survey.4 With an IaaS provider, you gain access to reliable hardware that’s always kept up to date – without having to waste in-house resources on regular updates. 

5. IaaS Eliminates Time-Consuming Maintenance Tasks

Infrastructure maintenance is a necessity for ensuring your IT works at peak performance, but it can be time-consuming and tedious. Maintenance tasks are outsourced when you work with an IaaS provider, freeing up your on-site IT staff to focus on technology projects that move your business forward.

Are There Any Disadvantages to IaaS?

A common concern for businesses considering IaaS solutions is visibility. Because IaaS providers own the infrastructure, specific details about configuration and performance aren’t typically offered to end users. While this lack of transparency can lead to systems management and monitoring challenges, the right IaaS provider can help your business gain the visibility and insights you need.

Another concern for some is the quality of service. With infrastructure as a service, your network’s availability and performance depend on the provider’s availability – so if your provider experiences downtime, your workload will also be affected. However, working with a reliable, trusted IaaS partner can alleviate this concern.

Optimize Your IaaS Experience With Enterprise Visions

As more companies make way for digital transformation initiatives, adopting new technologies is key to growing your business. Staying ahead of the competition and offering flexible work options both depend on whether your infrastructure can support these advances.

Enterprise Visions is committed to helping your business reach new heights with right-fit technology solutions. We’ve helped more than 900 businesses and agencies across the country reach their digital transformation goals with expert technology guidance and support. Discover how we can help you find an IaaS solution that meets your unique needs by scheduling a free consultation today.