October 19, 2016
Cloud Backup Features, Costs, and Advantages Data lies at the core of any successful business, and how well it is maintained and protected may decide just how successful a business is. Security, ease of recovery, and regulatory requirements are all elements that a business needs to consider when assessing its data and cloud backup concerns. In today’s business world, a company certainly does not want to waste valuable ass[…]
October 5, 2016
Using IT Knowledge to Shape an SMB or Enterprise Vision Security incidents can cost a small- to medium-sized business (SMB) over $85,000, according to a recent study by Kaspersky Lab. The study additionally found that large businesses may pay as much as $861,000 for such incidents. This report reveals just how much a breach can affect a firm's financial health. Following are some important lessons on how IT knowledge that's gained f[…]