7 Benefits of AI in Cyber Security

September 6, 2023
7 Benefits of AI in Cyber Security

The average data breach cost reached an all-time high of $4.45 million in 2023 – a 15% increase over the past three years.1 While cyber security has always been a high priority for business leaders, finding solutions that can keep up with today’s evolving threat landscape is more important than ever.

Luckily, organizations that use AI for cyber security can save $1.76 million more on average than those that don’t.1 Read on to learn how AI can help your business build a stronger cyber security posture.

What Challenges Can Businesses Address With AI for Cyber Security?

While businesses are using AI technologies like machine learning and natural language processing to improve the customer experience, these tools are also increasingly important for preventing new and advanced cyber security threats. With their speed, scale, and accuracy, AI-powered security solutions can help IT teams:

  • Detect threats quickly and accurately
  • Reduce incident response times
  • Fill in the gaps left by the labor shortage
  • Boost cyber resilience against modern threats

When deployed correctly, AI can help strengthen your company’s cyber security posture – now and in the future.

Top Benefits of AI in Cyber Security

AI can empower businesses to detect threats faster and mitigate risks more effectively than traditional cyber security solutions. A few popular benefits of AI in cyber security measures include:

1. Automated Threat Detection

The cost to detect security incidents reached $1.58 million this year, with businesses taking 277 days on average to detect a breach and return to normal operations.2 AI-powered cyber security solutions can analyze massive amounts of data and identify threats faster than humans can, enabling your security teams to get operations back on track with less downtime. 

2. Continuous Monitoring and Adaptation

Cyber threats grow more sophisticated every day, so security measures have to evolve just as quickly. By continuously monitoring and analyzing threat data, AI-powered cyber security tools can adapt your business’s defenses to better prevent and block new types of attacks.

List of ten business use cases for AI in cyber security

3. Fast Incident Response

Speed is critical in responding to cyber incidents. AI minimizes the potential damage a breach can cause by instantly identifying the threat, taking action to contain it, and initiating the appropriate countermeasures.

4. Better Vulnerability Management

Businesses can program AI for cyber security tools to regularly scan networks and applications for proactive vulnerability detection. Catching potential risks early allows your IT teams to implement more robust security measures – before hackers can exploit them.

5. Fewer False Positives

Traditional cyber security solutions often generate a lot of false positives, which can overwhelm security teams and lead to alert fatigue. AI learns from past incidents, significantly reducing false positives and enabling your IT staff to prioritize legitimate threats instead.

6. Bot Detection

Bad bots account for 51% of all malicious traffic.3 AI-powered cyber security tools can help your team root out bad bot traffic by analyzing communication patterns and behaviors to identify and trap malicious automated bots.

7. Smart Identity and Access Management

AI can enhance Identity and Access Management (IAM) tools by monitoring access patterns, detecting suspicious logins or credential misuse, and flagging potential security threats before they escalate.

Stay Ahead of Security Threats With Enterprise Visions

AI has the potential to protect businesses from even the most complex security threats – so will AI replace cyber security? While AI can revolutionize the industry, it likely won't replace the human element in cyber security any time soon. Instead, you should look to integrate AI and cyber security with cutting-edge security solutions.

Enterprise Visions can help you find advanced AI-powered cyber security products and services that meet your unique needs – at prices that fit your budget. Reach out to our security experts today to get started.