6 Reasons Why Businesses Should Consider the Cloud for Cyber Security

June 26, 2023
6 Reasons Why Businesses Should Consider the Cloud for Cyber Security

If you haven’t embraced the cloud yet, it’s time to get on board. With the cost of cyber crime predicted to reach $8 trillion this year,1 improving cyber security should be a top priority for your business. Contrary to popular belief, migrating to the cloud doesn’t have to mean exposing your network to new vulnerabilities. Keep reading to learn how the right cloud provider can help you strengthen your cyber security posture.

How Can the Cloud Improve Cyber Security for Businesses?

Moving to the cloud can offer several cyber security benefits for businesses, including:

1. Business Resilience

Cloud providers often operate multiple data centers in different geographical areas, translating to high availability. This means that if one of your provider’s data centers experiences an outage, your teams can still access the cloud resources they need to stay productive. And since cloud providers typically offer disaster recovery solutions, you can rest easy knowing you’ll experience minimal downtime if a disruption occurs.

2. Data Encryption

Implementing encryption across your entire in-house IT environment can be tricky, but migrating to the cloud can help. Alongside security features like access controls, firewalls, and data backup solutions, cloud providers use advanced encryption protocols to keep your data protected at all times.

3. Physical Security

Storing your data and critical resources in the cloud can help to minimize the risk of physical theft or damage to your on-prem storage devices. Cloud providers invest heavily in data center protections, so accessing your sensitive data is no easy feat for cyber criminals.

Cloud providers typically offer disaster recovery solutions, so you can rest easy knowing your business will quickly recover from any disruption.

4. Expertise

Cloud providers are experts in protecting data from cyber attacks, and their staff often undergo training to ensure they’re always up-to-date on new cyber security trends. When you transition your systems to the cloud, you can leverage this expertise to ensure your business is always defended against the latest threats.

5. Centralized Management

Cloud services typically offer centralized management tools that simplify monitoring and managing your security posture. Your IT team can deploy patches and updates, enforce policies, and monitor for potential security incidents company-wide – all from a single interface.

6. Innovative Tools

Legacy security tools like firewalls aren’t equipped to keep up with modern cyber threats. Cloud providers can help combat emerging threats with technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence, and behavioral analytics, which can proactively identify and respond to attacks. And because cloud providers employ network segmentation and isolation techniques, hackers won’t be able to move throughout your network if they do manage to breach your defenses.

Secure Your Business With Expert Cloud Services

Migrating to the cloud is a smart move for businesses of all sizes – and the right cloud provider can help you alleviate your cyber security concerns. If you’re struggling to find a provider who can meet your unique needs and safeguard your business, Enterprise Visions is here to help.

We’ve helped over 900 companies across the country find best-fit technology solutions to modernize their businesses. Whether you need guidance finding a virtual desktop solution, cloud-based infrastructure services, or other cloud services, we’ll leverage our expertise and trusted provider relationships to find a solution that keeps you one step ahead of hackers. Reach out today to learn more.