How a Trusted Advisor Can Help Reduce IT and Telecom Spending

May 24, 2023
How a Trusted Advisor Can Help Reduce IT and Telecom Spending

Every penny counts when you're trying to keep your business competitive. With 83% of companies concerned about a recession in 2023,1 more business leaders are looking for ways to cut IT and telecom spending – without impacting productivity or performance. Unfortunately, managing technology can be a challenge for organizations of all sizes, especially if you lack in-depth knowledge of vendors and solutions.

Enter technology advisors. 

A trusted technology advisor can help you reduce IT and telecom expenses, transforming your business in the process. In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of working with the right advisor to optimize your technology spending.

Conducting an Audit

A technology advisor can help you kickstart your savings by thoroughly auditing your IT and telecom infrastructure. They’ll identify where your business has been overspending and offer vendor-neutral recommendations to optimize your resources.

Finding Right-Size Solutions

If you’re like most businesses, telecom expenses make up a big portion of your annual budget. A technology advisor can review your services and recommend alternatives that can save you money without compromising on performance. They can also help save money by consolidating your bills and identifying areas where you can leverage newer technologies like cloud services or VoIP.

Avoiding Auto-Renewals & Fees

Telecom carriers often add surcharges, hidden fees, and auto-renewals into contracts. The right IT advisor can help you review fee schedules, uncover any surprises, and potentially remove language that could create challenges when renewing or canceling your contract.

Identifying Billing Errors

Businesses lose as much as 5% of revenue to leakage,2 with billing errors being a major contributor. Regularly reviewing your telecom and IT bills to catch errors is vital but can be time-consuming if you're unsure what to watch out for. A technology advisor can review your bills to identify errors, report them to vendors, and apply for credits.

Evaluating Your Equipment

If your IT needs fluctuate, evaluating your inventory to ensure you’re using the right equipment is essential. Your technology advisor can keep track of everything from desk phones to data circuits to help determine what you have and make sure you don’t overpay for equipment you don’t need.

Renegotiating Contracts

The right technology advisor has deep industry knowledge and can leverage their expertise to renegotiate contracts on your behalf. They understand complex carrier and IT vendor pricing structures and can help you gain better terms, such as discounted rates, flexible payment plans, and shorter contract lengths.

Predicting Your Changing Needs

Predicting and planning for changing needs within your business can help you save thousands. An advisor can help you stay ahead of your changing needs and work with your carrier to ensure vendors aren't overcharging your business for fluctuations in service usage.

Investing in New Technologies

Technology is always evolving, so keeping up with the latest trends can be tough. A trusted advisor can help you stay ahead of industry developments by providing guidance on which new solutions are worth investing in – and which you're better off skipping.

Enterprise Visions: Your Trusted Technology Advisor

All businesses need to make the smartest-possible technology decisions, which is where a technology advisor can step in. Reducing IT and telecom expenses can be a challenging, overwhelming process. The right advisor makes the process easy by listening to your unique challenges and goals for the future, then giving you guidance without any strings attached.

At Enterprise Visions, we've helped over 900 businesses of all sizes find the perfect technology solutions at better prices. We can help you navigate the business technology maze to cut down on costs, improve efficiencies, and solve any problem – all for free. Give us a shout today to get started with a technology audit.