April 20, 2022
What the Recent Microsoft Security Updates Tell Us About the Future of Cloud and Cyber Security In February 2022, a new set of Microsoft security updates were announced. These updates were designed to reinforce existing cyber security policies and fold in new safeguards in areas that need additional attention and protection. As multi-cloud and cyber security evolve, understanding and implementing these updates is critical to ensure that businesses are working with the mos[…]
February 15, 2022
Understanding the New Microsoft Licensing Changes With the new year comes new changes, especially for businesses that are using Microsoft 365 as the basis for their operations. On January 10th, the tech giant launched the newest Microsoft licensing changes and promotions, which they’re calling the Microsoft New Commerce Experience. Right now, we’re in the initial promo period, which is set to last until June 2022 for monthly t[…]
September 26, 2021
Best Practices for Cloud Management It seems that everyone is moving to the cloud these days, and there’s a good reason for it. There are many cloud migration benefits in today’s environment. They range from saving money to greater security. However, businesses that move to the cloud need to use cloud management best practices to ensure that they have control over the complexity of the cloud environment. The Impo[…]
September 24, 2021
Microsoft Office 365 Benefits: Are You Using Everything It Has to Offer? Microsoft Office 365 usage had been growing rapidly prior to the pandemic, but in 2020, Microsoft added 95 million users.1 As companies needed to lock down and support their employees who were working from home, the need for an integrated productivity tool skyrocketed. You may already be using Office 365, which Microsoft renamed "Microsoft 365" last year. For many people, it’s […]
October 29, 2019
These Three Cloud Technologies Are the Future of Communications There is an overwhelming number of cloud-based communications solutions out there today. Choosing the right one can be difficult! As a decision-maker, you’re flooded with technology options, and all of them seem like they can help in different ways. But among all the collaboration solutions are three distinct ones to consider. Here we explain why Cisco Teams, Microsoft Teams, a[…]