Building Unified Communications and Improved Efficiency with Cloud PBX

April 18, 2016
Building Unified Communications and Improved Efficiency with Cloud PBX

Integrating solutions that empower better communication between employees and clients builds a foundation that engenders business productivity and success. However, many organizations are unaware of the cost-saving advantages provided by migrating their private branch exchange (PBX) to the cloud.

With the proliferation of mobility, the increased specialization of the workforce has expanded productivity -- but often the benefits of a remote workforce are counteracted by a lack of effective collaboration within the organization. Moreover, recent results of an Osterman study found that 48 percent of IT and business decision makers admit their total lack of comprehension regarding the overall impact a cloud-based unified communications (UC) solution would have on the organization’s bottom line.

However, the benefits of uniting voice, data, video, and social collaboration tools into a single functional system are very real. They include:

Measurable Cost Reductions

Utilizing the cloud for PBX activities reduces the capital expenditures normally associated with traditional in-house deployment costs. Moreover, the flexible options provided by a cloud UC solution enable organizations to migrate services at a rate that maximizes internal and external collaboration while minimizing expenditures.

Increased Productivity

UC empowers workers with real-time information. Each desktop, mobile device, and user with access is able locate critical information when needed, essentially eliminating wait time. UC improves productivity key performance indicators (KPIs) by seamlessly delivering real-time data exactly when it’s needed.

Improved Customer Service and Engagement

Even without a traditionally staffed call center, unifying a business's PBX with cloud solutions offers customers multiple methods of contact and streamlined resolution. Voice, web chat, and email inquiries are automatically routed to the right individual, who is prepared with real-time information to serve that specific client or prospective buyer. Customer service improvements such as these have far-reaching effects that serve long-term growth and expansion goals.

Heightened Efficiency

Transforming how employees and customers communicate significantly improves efficiency metrics. Plus, the cloud offers built-in redundancies and heightened encryption for voice conversations that solve IT issues, allowing staff to focus on developing innovations that will contribute to the overall success of the organization. Businesses experience improved continuity, which supplements their disaster recovery protocols. On-site failovers are redirected to mobile devices and proactive monitoring ensures uptime.

The agility and infrastructure solutions provided by cloud-based options have the capacity to transform business PBX. Discover practical methods for building UC within any size organization by contacting Enterprise Visions for a no-obligation strategy session today.