A Cloud Solution - Flexible and Scalable

March 4, 2019
A Cloud Solution - Flexible and Scalable

You’ve decided to invest in a cloud solution for your contact center communications. You’ve heard about reduced costs, the elimination of hardware and maintenance, automated updating, and the flexible and scalable benefits of cloud solutions. You’ve anticipated an unprecedented calm descending on your IT team as they begin to have time to consider strategic technology initiatives.

While an investment in a cloud migration often presents some clear benefits, many contact center deployments hit some unexpected hurdles. Here are a few you can try to avoid:

Ensuring Your Solution Is Truly Omni-Channel. Not every cloud contact center platform will handle communication across multiple channels, including voice to video to SMS to social media. Omnichannel platforms can handle the context between communication channels – even to old standards, such as email and chat. Avoid disappointment in your cloud solution by making sure your chosen platform will give you access to multiple channels through one API with all the integrations built in. Speaking of integrations...

Integration Troubles. Integration with other cloud solutions often tops the list of requirements when a contact center wants to implement a cloud communications solution. Even with the careful vetting of each option for its integration capabilities, all too often, there’s an unanticipated problem, and the contact center is forced to go live without the integration they were hoping to achieve.

Inadequate Support. When a provider tells you that you’ll have a support team to walk you through your implementation, be sure to get a clear picture of what that support will look like. If you’re anticipating people on-site, but the reality is closer to email and text messaging, you may end up with more of the burden on your IT team to solve issues than you’d anticipated. The absence of any real-time expertise can cause a serious lag in resolving problems and result in a high level of frustration.

Call Recording. A cloud communications solution can place increased pressure on the network. You may find that your goal of increasing your call recording or having recordings more accessible is hindered by the link to the data center of your provider. If you’re also trying to reduce the amount of hardware you own, it won’t be welcome news that your call recordings must be stored in-house

When choosing a cloud solution for your contact center, it’s important to have an advocate that can help you anticipate these types of challenges and identify the provider most likely to help you achieve your goals for a cloud solution. Contact us at Enterprise Visions to leverage the cloud solution for your contact center that’s not only going to deliver your objectives but will also eliminate any surprises during implementation.