Generate Telecom Network Enhancements with SIP Trunking

December 21, 2015
Generate Telecom Network Enhancements with SIP Trunking

Making the switch from a primary rate interface (PRI) to Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking has the power to enhance business communications and proficiency.  An Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) that utilizes PRI transfers voice, video, and other data through existing phone lines, which doesn’t always deliver the most reliable performance. Most providers are planning to phase out this type of service because of the high costs associated with maintenance.

Many organizations are taking advantage of Voice over IP (VoIP) technology based on SIP to improve the way their telecom networks operate. By improving their interface capabilities, these forward thinking companies are saving huge amounts of money on their operating expenses and capitalizing on the many advantages that SIP trunking has to offer.

Lower Costs through Smart Scalability

Because it employs a virtual interface, SIP trunking is less expensive for providers to offer, service, and maintain; subsequently, it’s less expensive for businesses to utilize. In addition to an immediate reduction in cost, SIP technology provides instant scalability and allows users to tailor access according to usage requirements.

Improved Productivity

SIP trunking facilitates business operations in a mobile marketplace and improves productivity by providing flexible, yet dependable access to the business network from any approved mobile device. Sales personnel gain instant access to inventories and critical customer information, and real-time video conferencing and other tools promote business expansion.

Enhanced Functionality

Traditional networks require dedicated IT personnel and other costly hardware for operation, but SIP trunking simplifies usage requirements for businesses. Moreover, it makes it possible for users to maintain complete control of their accounts and enjoy more reliable telecom service.

Less Expensive Long-Distance

Globalization and the mobile workplace have changed the way businesses can advertise and attract new clientele, but long-distance communication charges are counterproductive. With SIP trunking, companies can reduce expenses for overseas and long-distance communications and eliminate costly toll-free numbers for their satellite locations.

Switching from PRI to SIP trunking provides actionable solutions that enable companies to lower their operating and capital expenses. The benefits engendered improve productivity for any type business by enhancing network performance and ability.