December 16, 2013
Copyright 123RF Stock Photos Despite the fact that it's been around a long time, cloud computing has only recently begun to gain acceptance in the business community. Organizations have come to understand that cloud-based computing is convenient and cost-effective and that it reduces administrative, energy, and infrastructure costs as well as permitting telecommuting. Yet, in s[…]
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December 2, 2013
Copyright 123RF Stock Photos Legacy systems arose as a result of past mergers, restructuring, or strategic investment decisions. As businesses grow and expand, the inflexibility of these systems is holding their adaptation to new technologies like mobility and the cloud. While obsolete and costly to manage, they are expensive to replace and often involve extensive processes, le[…]
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November 15, 2013
Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos Polls taken in December 2012 for the Gartner data center conference showed an interesting confluence with a similar poll taken for the December 2009 conference. The data for hybrid cloud adoption collected in 2012 lined up very closely to the data collected for private cloud adoption in 2009. This could indicate that hybrid cloud technology is o[…]
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November 4, 2013
Copyright (c) 123RF Stock Photos While Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) systems might seem like an obsolete reworking of older technologies, it's not. First, while the cloud is changing the nature of the data center, it isn't eliminating the need for data center management systems. In companies that still have private or hybrid clouds, data centers are still crucial[…]
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April 24, 2013
Companies Get Smarter About Maximizing their Networks In a post-recession economy, logic holds that saving money would be the most critical priority for businesses as they invest in technology. While keeping costs down is still important, at Enterprise Visions, we’re seeing that it’s just one part of the equation. If the recession taught businesses anything, it’s that they need[…]