March 2, 2020
Healthcare Is a Slow-Moving Beast, but Here’s Why It’s Embracing UCaaS The healthcare industry is notoriously slow for adopting new technologies. Its sometimes-massive organizations are burdened by layers of compliance and regulatory standards that make technology adoption challenging. Despite this nature of the healthcare world, there are those organizations that have made the move to cloud communications. Doing so has enabled them to communicate[…]
December 3, 2018
Why Cloud Computing May be Safer for Healthcare Organizations Just a few years ago, the concept of cloud computing seemed off-limits for healthcare organizations. The sensitive data handled by hospitals, clinics and insurers would be out there, exposed and available to any curious “wannabe hacker” that could infiltrate a cloud server. Fast forward just a bit, and cloud computing is now considered a safer option than on-site data storage s[…]
May 7, 2018
Healthcare Digitization Strategies in the Cloud While improvements in technology continue to become available, the healthcare industry lacks when it comes to digital maturity. Virtusa, a digital engineering and IT outsourcing company, found in a recent study that in the “perfect storm of digital disruption,” some companies are worried about being late to the game with regard to their digital transformation efforts. They also[…]